September saw great volatility in the crypto asset class

crypto hedgeSeptember saw great volatility in the crypto asset class. After a huge month in August, we saw the fund pull back down to almost July levels. We attribute much of the action due to China’s tough stance on exchanges, as well as JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon chiming in and kicking the whole asset class while it was down with his apocalyptic comments about the eventual price of crypto currencies heading to zero.


These comments are insincere and reckless. He may also be accused of trying to rig the market prices with those statements.


We view these 2 forming stories as obstacles that are going to be dealt with going forward, as we are seeing a rebound in prices near the end of the month. With quadruple digit returns so far this year, we are not letting these obstacles deter us, and a twenty-something percent drawdown is natural in the market place. We hope that investors can stomach this volatility and show as much hope as we do for the coming future and end of this record-breaking year.


As the fund starts to grow we are developing relationships with various exchanges and brokerages to incubate the growth in infrastructure and capital induction. The fund is in the process of establishing a relationship with Interactive Brokers, Gemini, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kraken, to name a few. We can only conclude that October will be a much better month in terms of performance of the fund, compared to September. The selling appears to have subsided and many charts are looking like they have bottomed during this massive wave of carnage.



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Alternative Money Fund, LP® is a crypto currency hedge fund that is committed to provide exceptional returns through an actively managed portfolio of blockchain assets. With the emergence of Bitcoin, Altcoins and this exciting new technology has created a new asset class for investors. The volatility associated with the cryptographic verification and game theoretic equilibrium, these blockchain-based digital assets create valuable opportunities in an actively traded portfolio, Our trading strategy does NOT use leverage or margin. Returns are reported monthly and capital accounts may be increased or redeemed each month.


Blockchain tokens are emerging which add a monetary incentive layer to p2p protocols and facilitate equity crowdfunding that anyone in the world can participate in. This means for the first time, open source software developers can monetize their networks at the protocol level, and users of the network are the equity owners of the network. In this model, disproportionate returns go to holders of the tokens rather than investors in private companies built on top of the protocols.


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