February Draw-Down Widens from Mid-Month Update

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February Draw-Down Widens from Mid-Month Update

This month has proven to be quite difficult and the fund significantly under-performed bitcoin as we saw altcoins fall significantly from their prior peeks in the last 1-2 months. At the mid-point in February, after the bounce, the loss diminished significantly from the first week of massive selling to merely being down 7%.

But the final 2 weeks of the month were quite difficult as selling persisted. To close out the month, the fund was down 20 percent or so for the month of February. People often ask us, when is a good time to invest and where will an opportunity emerge to allocate capital. We feel that time is now.

Altcoins are very over-sold at these levels. The fundamentals are evolving. Circle buying Poloniex was a major move that was a catalyst to yesterday’s move that we saw. I would not be surprised to see a massive Altcoin rally at the beginning of next month and new capital being put to use at the beginning of March.

Redemptions Dampen End of Month Rally

As bitcoin climbed back to 11,000 – we saw a massive wave of redemptions across the board, pummeling the markets back down to 10,400 during the final day of February 2018.

Its going to be a long year. We are just 16% of the way through the year. That means we have 84% of the year left and a lot to be optimistic about. Despite the obstacles that the markets face, there is much upside in the cryptocurrency markets, and investors should allocate capital based on their risk appetite to be a part of the gains in future months to come.

As Vitalik stressed, one should be ready to experience draw-downs and traditional investments offer a much safer approach for the majority of one’s net worth invested in the markets.

One of the Most Vicious Bear Markets in History

As written in August of last year: http://altmoneyfund.com/altcoins-are-coming-out-vicious-bea…

We have had bear markets in the crypto space before, so this is not new. This indeed reminds me of September and July of 2017 where we had similar monthly performance issues with draw-downs in the 20 percent range.


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Blockchain tokens are emerging which add a monetary incentive layer to p2p protocols and facilitate equity crowdfunding that anyone in the world can participate in. This means for the first time, open source software developers can monetize their networks at the protocol level, and users of the network are the equity owners of the network. In this model, disproportionate returns go to holders of the tokens rather than investors in private companies built on top of the protocols.


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