Crypto Currency Hedge Fund: Alternative Money Fund LP (AMF) 3/24/18 Allocation Snapshot

alt money fund


When this crypto Era started I knew that this won't last much longer and one day it popularity and profits go down and I was right to some extent. I see only Ardor that has some ratio in Cryptocurrency and all the other platforms have pretty low numbers. When we start in 2012 at that time Cryptocurrency emerge as a profitable business and it's 2018 now, you can clearly see the difference. I never talk in favor of the cryptocurrency since its risky and you don't know its future.

Gun Mayhem is an extremely interesting flash format shooting game developed by Kevin Gu. The game is designed with 10 maps starting from prehistoric context to modern times. The player's task in this game is to destroy all enemies by shooting them down! Very simple, isn't it! Let's start the adventure now!

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