Bitcoin Price Drops 13% to $6,400 and Tokens Plunge, is $6,000 Imminent?

3 months ago

The cryptocurrency market has seen one of its steepest declines in a one-day period since February of this year, losing more than $38 billion from its market valuation. The Bitcoin price has dropped from $7,150 to $6,400 in less than six hours, recording a massive sell-off across major cryptocurrency exchanges. Following the rapid decline in

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Joseph Young

‘A Huge Step Forward’: Bahrain Minister Hails Blockchain Technology, Urges Adoption

3 months ago

Bahrain Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs, Dr. Abdulhussain Mirza has called blockchain technology a “true mark of progress” as he urges companies to take full advantage of its benefits. Speaking at the SmartSec Cyber Security and Blockchain Conference 2018, Mirza said the blockchain technology is an “important advancement” that helps us find a secure

The post ‘A Huge Step Forward’: Bahrain Minister Hails Blockchain Technology, Urges Adoption appeared first on CCN

Jimmy Aki

IBM Introduces 'World Wire' Payment System on Stellar Network

3 months ago
n nn nn IBM has launched a blockchain-based payment system called Blockchain World Wire. According to IBM, the new payment network uses digital currency on Stellar's blockchain to clear and settle cross-border payments in near real time.The Stellar network is a distributed, blockchain-based ledger that facilitates cross-asset transfers of value. Like Ripple, Stellar can handle exchanges between fiat-based currencies and digital assets. Using this protocol, IB

Lightning Is Made at the LightningHackday Series in Berlin

3 months ago
n nn nn As the birthplace of the Chaos Computer Club, the hometown of the mother of all hackerspaces, and what many of the worlds leading privacy activists consider to be a bit of a safe haven, Berlin may be the the strongest center in the world for hacker culture.Maybe thats what makes the German capital a fertile breeding ground for the ongoing series of Lightning Hackdays stylized as LightningHackday. Introduced earlier this year, the series continues to grow,

Lightning Ramp and Casa Join Hands to Develop the Casa Lightning Node

3 months ago
n nn nn The team behind Lightning Ramp, a system that provides customers with faster bitcoin payments, has joined forces with Casa, a be-your-own-bank product that provides users with a multi-signature, multi-hardware device and multi-location wallet designed, to offer top-notch security against attacks and theft. Together, both ventures are working to create the Casa Lightning Node, a platform designed to solve many problems associated with Lightning Ramp. Debut

ShapeShift Will Now Require Basic Personal Details for New Membership Program

3 months ago
n nn nn In a what appears to be a seismic shift in company ethos, digital assets platform ShapeShift has launched a new loyalty program called ShapeShift Membership which will require the exchange users to provide basic personal details, according to a blog post published September 4, 2018.In his post, ShapeShift Founder and CEO Erik Voorhees said that the membership is part of a loyalty program that will see the platform collect personal information from its user

Abra CEO Believes Bitcoin ETF Eminent, SEC Just Needs the Right Suitor

3 months ago
n nn nn Bill Barhydt, founder of bitcoin wallet app Abra, said the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC would approve a bitcoin exchange-traded fund ETF within a year once the financial regulator feels comfortable with the caliber of the applicants.A bitcoin ETF would allow investors to purchase bitcoin through funds listed on a regulated, legacy stock exchange. Like the bitcoin futures contracts that came before it, a bitcoin ETF is seen by many as the bri

Goldman Sachs Puts Plans for a Crypto Trading Desk on Backburner

3 months ago
n nn nn Goldman Sachs is struggling to find a way to trade bitcoin.The financial services giant has scratched its plans to open a desk for trading cryptocurrencies, at least for the near term, according to a Business Insider report on September 5, 2018. Cryptocurrency markets seemed to respond negatively to the news. Bitcoin dropped roughly 5 percent, falling below $7,000. The rest of the top five cryptocurrencies by market cap toppled by more than 12 percent.Rumo