BlackWallet Hacked Warns Stellar Community Not to Log In to Site

3 days 4 hours ago
On January 13, an unknown hackers hijacked the DNS server for, a web-based wallet for the Stellar Lumens cryptocurrency, and redirected it to their own server.Security researcher Kevin Beaumont, who analyzed the code, said, The DNS hijack of Blackwallet injected code, if you had over 20 Lumens it pushes them to a different wallet. It is estimated that nearly 700,000 Lumens XLM were stolen, with a current value of over $400,000. Warnings and alerts not to log into the BlackWalle

Credit Suisse Argues Irrational Exuberance Around ICOs Indicates Bitcoin Bubble

3 days 12 hours ago
In a paper written in the fall of 2017 and published on the Social Science Research Network SSRN on Friday, January 12, 2018, Credit Suisses Dietmar Peetz and Gregory Mall argue that the boom in the initial coin offering ICO market is the clearest indicator of a bubble in bitcoin.Zurich-based Credit Suisse is one of the 40 largest banks in the world with more than $800 billion in total assets, according to Standard &amp Poor.According to Peetz and Mall, bitcoin should not be seen as a cur

St. Louis Fed In Some Ways, Bitcoin Is More Robust Than Many Fiat Currencies

3 days 12 hours ago
In a recent article on the basics of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies PDF, Aleksander Berentsen and Fabian Schr of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis cover the usefulness of bitcoin and other alternative cryptoassets.Throughout the article, Berentsen and Schr make the case that cryptoassets are well suited to become a new, important asset class. The duo goes as far to say that bitcoin is, in some ways, more robust than many fiat currencies.Cryptocurrencies Are a Welcome Addition to the C

Making Voting, Elections Both Secure and Accessible with Blockchain Technology

3 days 15 hours ago
Voatz, a startup based in Boston, MA, promises to dispel some of the biggest challenges associated with voting access, security, transparency and efficiency. The company plans to achieve this goal by combining internet-based voting with blockchain technology.What is VoatzVoatz enables voters to make their voices heard conveniently by allowing mobile voting via any smartphone or tablet connected to the internet. The platform integrates blockchain technology and cutting-edge security to maintai

Nationwide Insurance Rolls Out Proof of Insurance on the RiskBlock Blockchain

3 days 15 hours ago
The Institutes has announced a new blockchain framework called RiskBlock to provide more streamlined and secure proof of insurance. Nationwide Insurance is the first company to begin rolling out product on the platform.RiskBlock is the first blockchain framework delivered from the newly formed RiskBlock Alliance and the first of its kind that is designed specifically for the risk management and insurance industry. The Institutes RiskBlock Alliance is an industry-led, insurance-focused consort

ai gang AIX Listed on KuCoin AIX/BTC and AIX/ETH

6 days 7 hours ago
KuCoin is extremely proud to announce yet another great project coming to our trading platform. On January 10, 2018 ai gang AIX token was added to our list of tradable tokens. Trading of AIX on KuCoin began on January 10, 2018 at 2000 UTC 8, with KuCoin users having access to AIX/BTC and AIX/ETH trading pairs. You can already buy AIgang AIX token right now. Follow KuCoin listings in real time here https// If younRead MorenThe post ai gang AIX Listed on KuCoin &8211 AIX/BTC and

Crypto Hopes to Go Multi-Platinum in the Music Industry

6 days 7 hours ago
Artists are turning to cryptocurrency in order to take control and maximize their music royalties in a move that is turning the music industry on its head. Record labels have a long and sordid history of screwing over musicians and songwriters. It used to be common for an artist to have a gold or platinum hit and yet somehow still owe the record label money. Just before he died, rock god Jimi Hendrix was sonRead MorenThe post Crypto Hopes to Go Multi-Platinum in the Music Industry appeared first

Easily Convert Digital Currencies to Fiat with Paycent

6 days 7 hours ago
Paycent is mobile payment platform that functions as a dual e-wallet that can be funded by both digital currencies and fiat currency.It also allows conversion from digital to fiat and vice-versa, in real time and from within the wallet. Digital Currency to Fiat with Paycent One of the major problems that many digital currency users face is the challenge of converting digital currencies to fiat money. Currently, only a few retailers are accepting digital currenciesnRead MorenThe post Easily Conve ICO Complete, Exchange Listings Imminent

6 days 7 hours ago
This year will be a huge once for initial coin offerings and they are coming thick and fast in January. Some will succeed and make it into the crypto hall of fame, otherwise known as the market capacity charts, and others will fall by the wayside. One ICO that has already successfully completed and is on the way to the exchanges is is a blockchain based trading platform which aims to democratize thenRead MorenThe post ICO Complete, Exchange Listings Imminent appeared

Enjin ENJ Now Trading on KuCoin ENJ/BTC and ENJ/ETH

6 days 7 hours ago
KuCoin is extremely proud to announce yet another great project coming to our trading platform. On January 12, 2018, Enjin Coin ENJ token was added to our list of tradable tokens. Trading of ENJ on KuCoin began on January 12, 2018, at 2200 UTC 8,with KuCoin users having access to ENJ/BTC and ENJ/ETH trading pairs. Follow KuCoin listings in real time here https// If you have any questions or doubt join our community and ask,nRead MorenThe post Enjin ENJ Now Trading on KuCoin &8

Book of Fortune Leads Player to 19.2 BTC $279,000 Win at BitStarz!

6 days 7 hours ago
Tuesday, Jan 9, 2018 BitStarz has a reputation for dishing out big jackpots. Plenty of top prizes fell during 2017, with many players waiting in the wings to catch the cash. Keeping the momentum rolling into 2018, another big win has been announced, as Book of Fortune the popular Amatic slot has recently paid out 19.2 BTC $279,000 approx. Amatic isnt afraid to present players with a healthy challenge thats for sure,nRead MorenThe post Book of Fortune Leads Player to 19.2 BTC $279,000 Win at B

Blockchain Superstar Tony G to Head the Lympo Blockchain for Sports Foundation

6 days 7 hours ago
Melbourne, 10 January 2018 Blockchain health and wellness ecosystem Lympo has announced poker player, politician, and philanthropist Antanas Guoga aka Tony G as the head of its Blockchain for Sports Foundation. Mr. Guoga has advised on successful Blockchain projects including the worlds largest digital bank, Bankera, and digital poker platform CoinPoker. Lympo CEO and founder Ada Jonusesaid Tony G is a well-known philanthropist and social entrepreneur in the crypto community. He has been instrum

Bitmain Looking to Launch Canadian Bitcoin Mining Operation

6 days 7 hours ago
In response to increased regulatory pressures in China, Bitmain wants to set up shop in Canada. Bitmain is one of the largest and perhaps the most well-known bitcoin mining and hardware companies in the world. Its primary operations are, as is expected for a company that&8217s headquartered in Beijing, located in Asia notably central China and the autonomous Inner Mongolia but, as per recent reports, it looks as though the company might be looking tonRead MorenThe post Bitmain Looking to Lau

7 More Serial Entrepreneurs, Blockchain and Crypto Experts Join Viola.AI Advisory Board

6 days 7 hours ago
SINGAPORE, 12 JAN 2018 &8211 The worlds first A.I-driven Marketplace for Dating and Relationships, Viola.AI sets to revolutionize the current love industry, leveraging on blockchain technology. With 13-years proven success record in the dating industry, the team behind Viola.AI promises to build the most successful and smartest A.I to create a global and borderless full loop solution from dating, courtship, relationship to marriage. Viola.AI is an ever-improving, decentralized and secure A.I

US Government Fears Bitcoin Will Be the Next Swiss Bank Account

6 days 7 hours ago
Bitcoins explosive growth is dramatically disrupting the monetary and banking system to such an extent that banking and government authorities are sounding the alarm. In effect, the chief of the U.S. Treasury now fears that Bitcoin will become like a Swiss Bank Account. Bitcoin Defies the Banking System Bitcoin lets you have your private bank in your electronic wallet. As a result, Bitcoin will eventually render the fiat monetary and banking system obsolete.Hence, U.S. TreasurynRead MorenThe pos

UBI Blockchain Is the Latest in Series of SEC Cryptocurrency Crackdown Targets

1 week 1 day ago
In a story that is getting all too familiar recently, the Securities Exchange Commission SEC halted trading on yet another blockchain-related company stock, UBI Blockchain. The SEC explainedThe Commission temporarily suspended trading in the securities of UBIA because of i questions regarding the accuracy of assertions, since at least September 2017, by UBIA in filings with the Commission regarding the companys business operations and ii concerns about recent, unusual and unexplained market a

Telegrams Privacy-Focused User Base Could Become TON Blockchains Killer App

1 week 1 day ago
In December 2017, an interesting rumor surfaced According to sources familiar with the matter, the messaging app Telegram, very popular among crypto-enthusiasts for its strong encryption and privacy features, would launch its own blockchain platform and cryptocurrency.On January 8, 2018, TechCrunch reported that several unnamed sources had confirmed the news and quoted a secret Telegram white paper. According to TechCrunch, the potential for a cryptocurrency inside a widely adopted messaging

Bitcoin Price Analysis Choppy Market Conditions Lead to Tests of Parabolic Resistance

1 week 1 day ago
The bitcoin market has been getting chopped to pieces for weeks as the market has faked up, faked down, consolidated and routinely stopped out traders. Last week, we discussed a potential large move due to a consolidated symmetrical triangle. However, the breakout failed to garner any momentum and ultimately flopped as the move upward quickly died down and ultimately reversed.At the time of this article, however, the market is poised in a precarious situation as it tiptoes around historic sup
1 hour 27 minutes ago
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