Crypto Hedge: Bitcoin Price Rally Raises Crypto Market Cap to $205 Billion

The crypto market cap rose to yet another all-time high on Wednesday on the heels of a 6% bitcoin price rally that carried the value of the flagship cryptocurrency back across the $7,500 threshold. Altcoins, likewise, posted a near-universal advance, despite concerns stemming from another vulnerability discovered in Parity’s multi-signature wallet for ethereum platform tokens.

crypto hedge

Source: CoinMarketCap

Crypto Hedge: Bitcoin Hard Fork Called Off, Averting Major Disruptions And Turbulence In Cryptocurrency

crypto hedge

The alt coins have been taking a brutal beatdown with Bitcoin making its strong comeback. Add on the wait for Bitcoin Gold, which is going to give crypto investors free money. One of the best things about crypto is the free money that comes from these forks. Gotta love it.