2017: Hedge Funds Are Raking In Capital


  • Hedge funds were up 5.12% year-to-date, registering performance-based gains of US$58.5 billion while seeing net asset inflows of US$81.9 billion as of 2017 year-to-date. Total hedge fund assets grew by US$140.45 billion over the past eight months with the industry's total assets currently standing at US$2.37 trillion.
  • In what is turning out to be the best year in terms of investor allocations since 2013, arbitrage, long/short equities and CTA/managed future strategies led in terms of net flows attracting with US$14.6 billion, US$13.7 billion and US$12.6 billion respectively as of 2017 year-to-date.
  • Across regional mandates, North American and European mandates combined have attracted US$72.5 billion in investor flows this year, following redemptions of US$49.7 billion in 2016.
  • Smaller funds managing assets in the range of US$100 million to US$500 million have raised almost US$26 billion this year, while the billion dollar club has accounted for US$46 billion in inflows as investor appetite for hedge funds continues to improve.
  • Asian hedge fund managers outperformed their global peers in 2017 and have grown their asset base by US$13.6 billion this year, the strongest showing since 2013. On a year-to-date basis, Asia ex-Japan managers were up 14.02% with underlying Greater China and Indian managers up 19.25% and 20.92% respectively. Japan focused funds were up 6.28% over the same period.

Hong Kong-based Asian hedge funds led the table up 13.41% among key Asian hedge fund centers whilst Singapore and Japan-based Asian hedge funds are also in positive territory, up 9.59% and 5.24% respectively for the year. More on this in the 2017 Key Trends in Asian Hedge Funds report.



Whenever we speak about building user experience for 'no shape' cadre,

UX designers will play an important role. They

need to incorporate their understanding of natural human functions such as communication, electric motor, cognitive, and perceptual skills with machine learning to make interfaces that talk with the consumer.

In the recent times, interacting with machines has become user-friendly.

Moreover, the recent innovations in NUIs are guaranteeing that machines can understand human gestures, touch, words, and thoughts in a much better way.

Even so, designing for Natural Customer Interfaces is quite challenging as designers have to keep below

parameters in mind.


Minority Report like office sounds really cool, but working with hands upward for a much longer period tire people.

USER INTERFACE should naturally and perfectly interact with the

users without tiring them.

natural user cadre

Image Credit rating


Some signals might not be possible for users with afflictions.

Therefore you can't do away with the support for assistive technology like Joysticks or electronic aiming devices.


Fingers and thumbs are your direct link to touchscreen devices.

Therefore, extrémité should be designed keeping the size of touch targets large enough to

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